Our Selection of British Distilled Rums

The Cornish Distilling Co is one of the first distilleries in the UK to ferment and distil rum from scratch; creating genuine British rum.

Our current portfolio consists of three brands and four products, with every aspect of production performed on site. Imported molasses are first fermented before being twice distilled.

Our state of the art stills give greater flexibility when distilling and therefore greater control over the flavour of our rum.

Cornwall Rum

Morvenna Spiced Rum – 40% abv

A molasses-based premium spiced rum. It takes our light clean Morvenna White rum and pairs it with a range of herbs and spices resulting in a drier, more refined spiced rum. It is botanically driven with notes of apricot, lemongrass and saffron on the nose. The palate opens with the same, followed by a subtle hint of cardamom and oak, leading to a complex, warming finish. Morvenna Spiced is a beautifully crafted unique spiced rum that pairs perfectly with a light ginger ale or even tonic water garnished with a slice of orange and a sprig of thyme.

British Spiced Rum

Mooncurser Spiced Rum – 37.5% abv

Mooncurser Spiced Rum is inspired by the hidden coves and rocky inlets that Cornwall has long been notorious for.

Mooncurser offers notes of vanilla, orange and caramel, followed by warm nutmeg and cinnamon. Hints of coffee, ginger and pepper provide a clean finish. It can be enjoyed “on the rocks” or pairs great with cola or ginger beer and lime for the ultimate Cornish “Cursed and Stormy”.

Mooncurser Spiced Rum

Kalkar Coffee Rum Spirit – 25% abv

Kalkar won 3 gold stars at the Taste Awards, hosted by the Guild of Fine Foods, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the UK. Out of 12000 entries only 50 won three gold stars, the highest accolade available. The rum is a blend of white rum, cold brew coffee and a touch of cane sugar. The cold brew is produced onsite using Cornish spring water before being blended with the rum and sugar, rested and bottled. The single origin coffee provides notes of fresh espresso, chocolate and red berry, while the rums brings a hint of spice and a bite to finish.

Coffee Rum Spirit

Morvenna White Rum – 40% abv

Morvenna White Rum is a molasses-based premium white rum that is twice distilled before being diluted with Cornish spring water and rested in steel tanks before being bottled. The result is a clean, fresh, fruity rum, perfectly suited for cocktails and smooth enough to be enjoyed neat. A fruity, floral nose is followed by notes of lime, grass and white chocolate with a satisfying, buttery finish.

A touch of alchemy, a touch of artistry, exceptional ingredients transform into liquid gold.

Where We Began

The Cornish Distilling Co. is a collaboration between Richard & Fionagh Harding, and Tom Read.

Richard and Fionagh were planning on distilling at their site on Norton Barton Artisan Food Village, and were looking for a distiller to work with. They met Tom, and discussed the idea of Tom taking on the distillery at Norton Barton Farm to develop a new spirit line.

The distillery site at Norton Barton Artisan Food Village is set on the North Cornish coast, just outside of Bude and looks over the Atlantic sea.

We are proud to be part of the Norton Barton family of food and drink producers in Cornwall.