Rum this good deserves to be served simply on National Rum Day

August the 16th is our favourite day of the year. Why? Because it’s national rum day! A whole day dedicated to the appreciation and (responsible) enjoyment of rum.  This year for national rum day we have done three short videos on easy ways to serve our rums.  Presented by distiller, Tom you’ll find the most complimentary mixers to our Kalkar coffee spirit, and Morvenna spiced and white rums.  Head to our social media platforms to find the videos.

What is rum?

Rum was first distilled in the 17th Century from molasses which was a byproduct from the sugar cane industry. Today, the majority of the world’s rum production is in the Caribbean and Latin America, and now Cornwall is on the list of rum producers!

Sugarcane is the base of rum, in a similar way that juniper berries make up the base for gin. Much of the rum sold in the UK is Caribbean rum, blended with spices.  However, as we distil our rum from scratch, we are the only distillery to create true British rum.  We ferment, distil and bottle on sight in Bude, Cornwall.

Celebrate national rum day with these simple ways to drink our rums:

Morvenna white rum and cola – the ‘Kernow Libre’

One of the simplest ways to serve our white rum. The key is a really good squeeze of lime to the ice before you add anything else!

Put ice cubes in a glass, and add a good squeeze of lime before adding 50ml of Morvenna white rum.  Top up with a good quality cola! 

Morvenna spiced rum and tonic – your antidote to the G&T

Our spiced rum is botanically driven, rather than full of ‘spice’ so it’s perfect with a soft tonic! Here we use Fevertree’s Mediterranean tonic.  Make it as you would a normal gin and tonic, but garnish with a sprig of thyme and a slice of orange.

Kalkar with coconut water and cherry

As a coffee spirit, we love to drink Kalkar on its own with ice. However we get a lot of questions about what to mix it with. We think it works rather perfectly with a good quality coconut water.  Include a maraschino cherry for the metaphorical cherry on top!

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