Quiet moments in the art of creating rum

The art of distilling rum

Every drop of The Cornish Distilling Co’s scratch distilled rum is created with care and meticulous attention to detail.  From start to finish, head distiller Tom has an eye (and nose) over every step.  Here’s a bit of insight into the art of rum distilling…

Below: Tom is checking the ‘heads’ which come through at the start of the finishing run. This is the second stage of distillation, and ensures only the best parts of the rum remain through to bottling stage.

Below: Here the fermentation tank has been emptied and Tom is checking the condition of the yeast bed that remains after all the sugar has been converted to rum.

The yeast creates an amazing scent of banana and other tropical notes, that rises from the tank!

Below: Morvenna spiced rum is botanically driven with hints of lemongrass, apricot and saffron.

Many hours have gone in to refining the spices and botanicals, creating a rum that is drier and more refined than spiced rums you’ll find elsewhere.

“Being a botanically led rum, Morvenna lends itself perfectly for mixing with tonic!”

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