Morvenna White Rum – 40% abv

The Cornish Distilling Co. is delighted to bring you its first genuine Cornish white rum, distilled from scratch in Cornwall.

Our Morvenna White Rum is a molasses-based premium white rum that is twice distilled before being diluted with Cornish spring water and rested in steel tanks before being bottled.

The result is a clean, fresh, fruity rum, perfectly suited for cocktails and smooth enough to be enjoyed neat. A fruity, floral nose is followed by notes of lime, grass and white chocolate with a satisfying, buttery finish.

A touch of alchemy, a touch of artistry, exceptional ingredients transform into liquid gold.

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Rum Spring Water
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White Rum Lime

How to drink it: Our white rum works beautifully in cocktails, with coke, or as a stand alone drink over ice for the rum connoisseur.

The name Morvenna has many Cornish routes. Saint Morwenna was the patron saint of Morwenstow, a local parish on the North Cornish Coast with a number of links to smuggling. The Cornish word “Morven” translates to sea maiden or mermaid, with “Mor” meaning sea. Our premium white rum is a playful, seductive but sophisticated rum taking inspiration from these mythical maidens that were often given the blame for wrecked ships of the local coastline.

Please note: this product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.

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