Kalkar Coffee Spirit – 25% abv

Kalkar won 3 gold stars at the Taste Awards, hosted by the Guild of Fine Foods, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the UK. Out of 12000 entries only 50 won three gold stars, the highest accolade available.

This was the first rum launched by the company and also in the county, delving into a new spirit category not previously ventured by other distillers! The rum is a blend of white rum, cold brew coffee and a touch of cane sugar. The coffee is a single origin Nicaraguan coffee roasted by a local roastery. The cold brew is produced onsite using Cornish spring water before being blended with the rum and sugar, rested and bottled.  The single origin coffee provides notes of fresh espresso, chocolate and red berry, while the rums brings a hint of spice and a bite to finish.

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How to drink it: This smooth coffee spirit is a perfect on its own with a cube of ice, or mixed with coconut water as a tall drink. Kalkar also makes the an incredible edition to an espresso martini, or poured over ice cream for an extra special Italian affogato.

Kalkar is the Cornish word for weever fish. A weever fish is a small fish which lives just under the sand on the shore. Weever fish have venomous spines on their dorsal fins and gills and as a result of where they choose to spend their days, they are frequently trodden on by unsuspecting beach goers. This is a small nod to the Cornish Distilling company’s costal location as well as Head Distiller Tom’s previous job as a lifeguard on one of Cornwall’s beaches.

Please note: this product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.

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