9 Reasons You Should be Drinking Rum.

We could write for hours on why we love rum, but here are our top 9 reasons you should make rum your tipple of choice!

1) Live like you’re on a tropical island.
Rum, made from sugarcane, without a doubt started its life on a tropical island, probably somewhere in the Caribbean. Let your drink of choice take you back there.

2) It’s the perfect drink to warm you up on a cold night.
Spiced rum is not only golden and sweet and delicious, but with a selection of warming spices, a small nip may be all you need to keep the winter chills at bay.

3) Whatever your taste there’s a rum for you.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an oak matured 15 year old rum kinda person, or you’re more for a Bacardi and coke; with spiced, white and everything in between, there’s a rum for you.

4) It’s the king of cocktails!
Being so versatile there are so many different cocktails that you can make with this delicious spirit.

5) It can even satisfy your sweet tooth.
Did you know rum can be a desert too? A rum tiramisu? Yes please! Or if you fancy, pour a shot of coffee rum over ice cream and you have the easiest affogato desert ever. It tastes amazing!

6) Everyone’s starting to get a little tired of gin.
Not to knock gin, it’s great. And with so many flavour combinations there is definitely space for it on every bar. But isn’t everyone getting just a little bit tired of it? Fortunately rum is here to fill the void. A new and refreshing spirit for when you find yourself looking for something different.

7) Does drinking rum make you a pirate? We think so.
If it’s good enough for Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom it’s good enough for us. Not to mention being the drink of the royal navy, clearly rum is doing something right.

8) Ernest Hemingway!
As well as being the drink of choice for all seafaring folk, rum (or more specifically a mojito) was the drink of choice for the legendary writer. You never know, maybe a cheeky splash of rum will get your creative juices flowing.

9) You can now keep it local!
If you’re in to local produce you can now buy a British rum that is distilled from scratch in Cornwall. Keep it local and support the British food and drink industry.  Morvenna rum is fermented, distilled and bottled in our distillery in North Cornwall. Every drop is made from scratch right here in the UK.

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